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Fed up with yo-yo dieting and obsessing over calorie counts? Tired of trying to figure out the perfect balance of proteins, fats, and carbohydrates? If you’re ready to take full ownership over the health and wellness of your body, now is the time to reach out to me at Vegan Powered Nutrition.

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Plant Based Nutrition Coaching

with Recipes

$349 $249 60-minute initial session CURRENTLY NOT TAKING NEW CLIENTS

Our initial session begins with a phone or video consultation overview of your current nutritional habit and your goals. Includes recipes for breakfast, lunch and dinner for 30 days as well as additional plant based education, weekly check-ins via email and unlimited text communication for 30 days.

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$60 30-minute Consultation

Either as a follow up or initial consultation to discuss anything nutrition related.

Rejuvenate in Eight (Weeks)

$800 $600
30-minute weekly sessions CURRENTLY NOT TAKING NEW CLIENTS

This 8-week coaching program is designed to reduce stress, ease inflammation, and help you gain more energy. It includes weekly 30-minute video sessions as well as support documents, recipes, and helpful tips and advice.

Week 1 begins with a 60 minute phone or video session where we discuss your full health history and conduct a food log analysis to determine a customized nutrition plan.

Weeks 2 through 8 consist of a weekly 30-minute online sessions to discuss daily food goals, and recommendations for meals. This program pays particular attention to inflammation-reducing natural foods, so be ready to eat your weight in greens!

Plant Based Transition Program

$76 4 week program delivered to your inbox

This four-week program is designed to ease your way into more plant based eating. It will ease inflammation, detox the body and help you gain more energy. It includes a meal planner for each week of the program. As well as shopping lists, MyFitnessPal barcode and recipes for every meal including breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacks.

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30 Day Plant Based Transition Program

Monthly Vegan Powered Recipe Club

$6 per month delivered to your inbox

Get 15 high quality, yet simple Vegan Recipes delivered to your in box every month.  Includes recipes for all eating types e.g. Vegan, gluten free and low carb.  Quick and easy, under 30 minute options.  Meal prep and freezer friendly options.  Even high protein options.  All of my recipes are created with healthy single ingredient foods, and most are wheat-free, gluten-free & refined sugar free.  Nutrition can be difficult and time consuming but these recipes will make it feel effortless to stay on the healthy track by making better food choices.  Don't delay on leveling up your healthy eating habits and reap the many benefits of a plant based diet! 

40 Bonus Vegan Powered Recipes

This one time offer is only available to those that sign up for the Monthly Vegan Powered Collection!

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Monthly Vegan Powered Recipe Club