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Triathlon & Endurance Coaching
$250 per month

Daniel stumbled into the endurance sports arena after losing his mother to an undiagnosed heart condition. Daniel searched for a way to literally and figuratively heal his heart. What started as a marathon to raise money for the American Heart Association and bring awareness to heart related issues, lead to the evolution of Daniel as an endurance athlete and the creator of Vegan Powered Athlete, a lifestyle brand that seeks to spread the benefits of a plant based lifestyle. After working in retail and owning his own business for 20+ years, he understood what hard work and commitment meant.  He fell in love with triathlon during the training leading up to his first full distance Ironman and truly believes the journey is the reward! 

Daniel has completed 50+ endurance events.  He is a World Championship Qualifier, a 23x Ironman and Ironman 70.3 finisher with a sub 5 hour 70.3 finish. Ironman Gold All World Athlete performing in the top 1% of age group triathletes.  As well as USA Triathlon All-American finishing in top 10% of USA Triathlon National Rankings.  He has completed 50k and 50 mile Ultra Marathons.

Training for triathlons became more than a hobby in 2019 when Daniel became an Ironman Certified Coach and began helping athletes reach their own dreams and goals.  It’s a commitment he is passionate about and takes pride in guiding athletes one-on-one through the highs and lows of training and racing. 

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"I am a client of Daniel and considered my self basically un coachable in the past. But even with in a short time his selfless nature is evident. My training and joy around it has improved dramatically already, from the sad state it was in just a few months ago!"

"Thank you for your guidance, training & wisdom! You're having a massively positive impact on so many people"

"I'm so grateful fo you as my coach. I've had many coaches through my sports career as well as business coaches and none have impacted me as much as you. Keep on being you!"

Guidance Session

30 minute virtual call to discuss anything training, mindset or nutrition related.

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What you can expect

Triathlon & Endurance Coaching
$250 per month

Daniel's core value is to see you THRIVE, not merely survive in all facets of your existence from nutrition, mindset, training and your racing performance You can expect Daniel to be motivated to see you achieve your goals! You get a daily custom plan based on your race, your goals, and your available time to dedicate to training. Communication is the key ingredient to one on one coaching success. Coached athletes have unlimited communication through text, calls, email and Training Peaks recaps. Also, coached athletes enjoy special offers and discounts through VPA partnerships and are welcome to join Team VPA at events. Daniel works with Vegans and non-Vegans without bias and will strive to get the very best out of you!

  • Fluid training plan based on you
  • Training plan delivered via Training Peaks
  • Unlimited communication
  • Guidance on training, time management, goal setting, race selection, strategy, nutrition and more...
  • Exclusive discounts from VPA partners
  • Automatic entry into VPN Monthly Recipe Club